9 Exciting Ideas To Start An Ecommerce Business In Industry


Starting your own internet entertainment company is just as difficult as scaling a mountain. In addition to an initial commitment of money, time, and effort, choosing the right company concept may be difficult.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the 9 interesting ideas to start an ecommerce business in the entertainment industry. 

Let’s get detailed!

1. Rehearsal Room Rentals For Bands

Drumming at home might be a nuisance to your neighbors, but choosing the ideal area to play can also make everyone happy. As a result, it’s such a solid bet for a commercial venture.

Simply contact people who can rent out isolated places or sound-proof rooms regularly and offer them in your online marketplace with all the necessary data. A successful booking, a highlighted listing, and sponsored advertising are all ways in which you may earn money from bands.

2. Costumes For Hire

All year long, individuals require costumes for various events, such as Halloween and theatrical productions. The same vendor never offers enough costumes that meet all of your requirements.

It’s clear that the internet industry for costume rentals has a lot of room to develop. You list costume and accessory suppliers and their offerings on your website so that the consumer now has a wide range of choices. Rental bookings, seller subscriptions, highlighted listings, and sponsored advertising all contribute to your bottom line.

3. Blogging For Fun & Recreation

Writing about entertainment may be a lucrative career choice for those who enjoy the craft. Tips and techniques for planning various parties, how-to articles on event business and marketing, or even your thoughts on various events going around can all be included in a blog on event management.

In addition to advertising and affiliate marketing on your site, you may earn money by selling memberships and your own items and promoting sponsors’ products and services (CPC).

4. Event Furnitures And Equipment

Props are essential to any event’s success, yet they are either unavailable or too expensive to rent or buy for a single day.

Creating an online rental marketplace where you offer the most often used goods at events from various merchants might alleviate this problem. You earn money from multiple sources, including commissions from your buyers, rent, highlighted listings, and sponsored advertisements.

5. Booking Platform For Live Events

Event planners and performers are in high demand right now. As a result, the gig economy is one of the fastest-growing segments of the economy, making it the ideal time to launch your online labor marketplace.

Performers like singers, dancers, magicians, and others are included on your website so that they may be connected with event organizers. That’s all. As a result of membership fees, commissions for each successful booking, and paid advertisements by performers, you generate money.

6. List Of Upcoming Events And Reviews

One of the easiest yet most lucrative business ideas is to start a listing and review website. There’s nothing more to it than providing a comprehensive schedule of future social gatherings. You may also include a space for guests to these gatherings to leave comments.

All of these event and party planners pay you commissions for successful bookings, so you make money from highlighted reviews, membership fees, and adverts on your website.

7. Coupons For A Night Out

Online coupon websites will never go out of business, nor will discount coupons go out of business. Get entertainment providers and enterprises to promote discounts on the specific items and services you want to handle by classifying the entertainment services they provide.

You will be compensated for your time and effort through the membership costs you pay to these firms and through relevant advertisements.

8. Marketplace For Weddings

Entrepreneurs take advantage of the fact that weddings are popular with everyone. A single wedding brings together a variety of businesses, including caterers, florists, musicians, and more. If they were looking for them, wedding planners might find all of these services in one place on your wedding-focused internet marketplace.

Wedding planners can choose from a list of services arranged by category. Aside from memberships and commissions on each booking, you may earn money from your listings being highlighted, featured, and sponsored by advertisements.

9. Planners Of Parties And Events

Everyone enjoys a good time now and again, and as a result, the number of events and party planners is increasing rapidly. It’s often difficult to find a party planner that can pull off the exact concept that you want.

Why not eliminate all of this hassle? You may reach out to party and event planners on your online marketplace and list all of their profiles and available themes. Each booking, party planner subscription fees, and highlighted advertisements will bring in a lot of money for you!